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Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco): Education

Education in Rocky Point Mexico (Puerto Penasco)

Puerto Penasco’s unique status as both a ‘free trade’ zone, a Sonoran wildlife area, and literally the only ‘beach’ to millions of residents of the Sonoran region makes it a prime area of study.

Puerto Penasco is the focus of many US/Mexico joint educational programs, most of which cater to elementary, high school and college students focusing on marine wildlife and/or the Sonoran region in general.

Here’s a sampling of links to get you started:

    ” Marine Discovery a public outreach program designed to teach elementary and middle school students in the Tucson area about the importance of our nearby oceans.” 
  • CEDO
    CEDO, the Centro de Estudios de Desiertos y Océanos, or the Center for the Study of Deserts and Oceans, is a nonprofit ‘Natural History Resource Center and Biological Field Station’. Their facility in Puerto Penasco is a popular attraction for tourists and students alike, and they are hosts to many programs and outreach efforts in the region. That, and they are located on one of the best beaches in all of Puerto Penasco 🙂 
    Southwestern Archeology – “An Ethnographic Look At Applied Scientific Practices in the The American Southwest” SouthWestern Archeology is a non-profit organization that provide archaeological and anthropological information about the Southwest. 
  • Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan
    ‘A Long Term Vision for Protecting the Heritage and Natural Resources of the West’, the Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan publishes a number of reports related to the Sonoran Desert and Southwest conservation issues.