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Non Beach Activities In Rocky Point

Do you want to take a day off from the beach and try something else on your vacation to Rocky Point? Great! Rocky Point has plenty to offer it’s visitors and enough to keep you occupied for an entire day.
Are you an adrenaline junky and like high-speed activities? Whenever you are feeling the need for an adrenaline rush simply walk behind your condo to the dunes and you will find many places to rent ATVs, rhinos, and dirt bikes. The dunes that surround the condos provide for great offroading and adventures through the desert. Be careful though, as you are operating a motor vehicle and you can seriously injure yourself. Always wear a helmet and if you are an inexperienced rider try not to go too fast, or you could seriously injure yourself.
If ATVs aren’t for you maybe you would like an ultra light flight. Ultra light flights are extremely popular in Rocky Point and allow you to see the area from a unique perspective! They look intimidating, but you ride along with an experienced pilot who will ensure your safety. Ask many of the vendors on the beach who rent do jer skis, banana boats, and parasailing adventures and they can take care of booking your next ultra light flight for you.
Maybe you weren’t looking for an adrenaline rush and instead wanted to take a day to relax and enjoy Rocky Point’s beautiful weather. Dedicate a morning to play 18 holes at Las Palomas beautiful 18 hole, Par 72 golf course. This is the only golf course located in Sandy Beach and doesn’t require guests to drive far away from their resorts. This beautiful golf course winds through the dunes of Rocky Point and provides adequate challenges for golfers of all levels. When you are done playing 18 holes spend the afternoon unwinding and enjoying some refreshments in the clubhouse. Las Palomas golf course offers it’s guests everything they need to enjoy a full day on the course!
Do you want to stay close to the water, but try something different instead of being on the beach all day? Head down to Old Port and book yourself a fishing excursion. There are several services and companies that offer fishing excursions for tourists and provide a safe and enjoyable experience for people of all ages. You go out with an experienced fisherman, everyone gets their own fishing rod and you spend a few hours out in the Sea of Cortez catching tons of fish! When you head back to the port you have the option of buying the fish you caught, so you can eat some fresh fish for dinner later. They will gut and cut up the fish for you right in front of you, so all you have to do when you get home is throw it on the grill and enjoy the fresh fish you caught just that morning!
These are only a few of many activities that Rocky Point has to offer its visitors. Find out what you enjoy the most, but also don’t be afraid to try new things! Safe travels.