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Border Crossing Tips

In order to get to Mexico you must cross the US/Mexico border. Crossing the border makes some people nervous, but let me assure you there is nothing to worry about! All you have to do is make sure you are following all the rules that both the countries have set on what can be brought in and out. If you follow these rules you will be able to make it across the border to Rocky Point in no time!
There are fewer rules about what you can bring when you are going into Mexico rather than what you can bring on the way out, but you still want to make sure to strictly follow them so you don’t run into any unneeded trouble. When crossing the border into Mexico you cannot bring any meat, or produce. Some people will tell you that you can get away with it, but I always say you are better safe than sorry. Plus, there are several grocery stores close to the resorts that you can get all of your essentials. The biggest rule when crossing the border into Mexico is do not bring any guns, or ammunition. When I crossed this was the only thing they asked us for and they mean business. You don’t want to fool around with bringing these kinds of things into Mexico, or you will find yourself in some serious trouble.
For a general rule of thumb, it is best not to bring back anything into the United States that is illegal here. Do not bring any drug paraphernalia, marijuana (or other drugs), fireworks, Cuban cigars, switchblade knives, sea turtle boots  (or any other type of endangered species). If you attempt to bring back any of these items you are at the mercy of Customs and Border Patrol and the severity of your punishment is up to them. When going on vacation a lot of people like to buy gifts for friends and family and that is OK. Although, there is an $800 exemption for gifts and personal artifacts, which includes one liter of alcoholic beverages per person who is over the age of 21. This holds true for every 30 days, so if you wanted to bring down more than the allotted amount, come back to Rocky Point for another vacation 30 days later!
If you make a mistake and accidentally bring back something you aren’t supposed to, but aren’t aware of it and CBP confronts you, simply tell the truth and tell them you did not know. It is best to be up front with them and not try to hide anything from them, or be sneaky. You are dealing with United States law and border safety is not a joke to CBP. Crossing the border is easy and should take very little time, just make sure come up with your windows down, that everyone in the car is being respectful and have your passports ready!