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In Case of Emergency Tips

Hey guys, so I decided my first blog post would be about my most recent trip to Rocky Point and a little trouble we experienced, but since we were properly prepared we were able to handle the situation with ease. I went to Rocky Point with a group of 8 friends for spring break and stayed in Princesa. It was one of the most enjoyable trips of my life, but we also encountered a small mishap.
It was about mid day when our group of girl friends that came with us decided to go on a banana boat, one of the many beach activities you can enjoy while in Rocky Point. There are risks that are involved in doing any kind of beach activity whether you are playing volleyball, or para sailing it is always possible for you to get injured you just have to do your best to be safe while you are doing it and take all the necessary precautions. Unfortunately when the girls were riding the banana boat they were taking a quick turn and the banana boat flipped over on it’s side (usually harmless because you are falling in the water). When the boat flipped over all the girls fell on top of each other and one of the girls hit her face against someone’s elbow. When she came out of the water she realized she had a large gash on her left cheekbone that needed stitches. When she came to the beach I immediately saw how deep the cute was and had to act quickly. I remembered that Sandy Beach Clinic was right behind the resort we were at. It took us 30 seconds to drive there from the Sonoran Sun Resort. I contacted my mother (who was in the US) and had her call in beforehand, so when we got there Dr. Gonzalez was ready to assist us and stitch up our friend Emily within 10 minutes of arriving at Sandy Beach Medical Clinic.
Although the Sandy Beach Clinic was right behind the resort, we came to Rocky Point prepared with the numbers we had to call in case of an Emergency. I recommend having these numbers either programmed into your phone already, or having a place where you can easily access them. If you have an emergency you want to be able to act swiftly to ensure that the person who needs help is getting immediate medical attention.
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Accidents are unpredictable, but you want to make sure you do everything you can to avoid them. Take all the necessary precautions when you are doing any kind of  beach or motorsport activity. If an accident does happen, don’t lose your cool and remember than Sandy Beach Clinic is a right behind all of the resorts and they perfectly fit to helping any of your medical needs. Here is a list of Emergency Numbers in Rocky Point that you should take with you in your trip.