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One, two, tree… ¡Tequila ¡

When you refer to Mexico, it is impossible not to mention “Tequila”. For Mexicans, besides being an essential part of their culture, it is the drink of choice in all parties and reunions and a “must have” drink for those visiting this country.Tequila Factory in Rocky Point Mexico
Even though Tequila comes from the Jalisco Region in Mexico, you will find a great place in Puero Penasco (Rocky Point) thanks to the Tequila Factory. At the Tequila Factory, you will learn in depth about the origin of this drink as well as the chance to taste many different flavors of Tequila.
When you visit the Tequila Factory in Puerto Peñasco, you will find a large variety of tequila flavors for sale plus they offer a very interesting class where a tequila expert tells you everything you need to know about this fun drink, Tequila. From the blue agave, the plant where it is extracted, to the aging process this drink goes through until it is distilled and ready.
Since in most cases after the theory you must then practice, the tasting experience begins soon after the class is over. The tasting includes many different types of Tequila including Tequila desert flavors. You taste up to 9 different tequila flavors including “White tequila”, “tequila añejo”, “Raspberry shot” etc…You have to try them all! Some of them are a real treat…like having candy.
While I enjoyed all the drinks, I must confess that my favorite was definitely the one the person in charge of the tasting (Fernando), drew a triple decker, which consists of coffee tequila liqueur, almond, caramel and “Tequila Reposado”, besides the fact that I’m a  coffee lover, this drink had a touch of sweet that all the women love.
Here I explain some of the details I learned during my visit to this place:
• Currently in Mexico, tequila production is still done in the traditional way.
• The tequila is a registered mark of origin, which legally protects the original producers against producers from other areas who want to copy the process in a lower quality.
• It takes between 7 and 8 years to produce a bottle of tequila, and thereafter begins the process of aging in oak barrels to form different types: Reposed, Aged and extra Aged.
If and when you decide to try this fun activity during your next Rocky Point Vacation, we recommend you try it after a meal in order to really enjoy all the different flavors they offer in the tasting. This activity is FREE of charge, there is no charge for the tasting at all unless you decide to purchase a bottle or two. It is located in Blvd. Benito Juarez and Calle 12 in Plaza California #101, open 10am to 6pm daily. If you are bringing a large Group you can make a reservation at 638-388-0606.  Enjoy!
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