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Topic: Re: Golf (posted on behalf of a reader)

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Posted on behalf of a site reader:

Re: Mayan Palace's golf course:

Just got back and the course is very nice, but way to high priced. One hundred and thirty dollars each. We got three different prices, the first was $161.00, than $124.00. There was no lay out of the course on the score card. You are guessing all the time where to hit your drive, and not sure on the second shot. It was hard telling which way to go to get to the next tee box. No one in the pro shop spoke English. They must not have a good greens keeper, the grass was not cut very good on the greens and the hole cut had grass growing into the hole, plus it was not cut deep enough. Again it was a nice course, but they do need someone who know golf and greens keeping to work there.

I enjoyed the round ... but I would not play there again because of the price. One guy there, George( ed:Jorge ) was very helpful as much as he could be, he was kind of like the starter. Great guy if he is still around. We spoke with the manager after we played, had to track him down, and told him George should be in charge of the pro shop. But the manager told us he needed someone like George on the ground to take of the people coming out to play.

When I talked about the hole not being cut right, the plastic part of the cup should be at least an inch below the ground, it was even with the ground. Hope that helps.

My daughter is a time share owner and we did not get a discount. She does not own it there. I would think if they wanted more people to play they might lower the cost, but maybe they hook them into going to listen to the timeshare talk and give them a discount.
Post Tue May 22, 2007 8:11 am 
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