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Topic: Oceano Rentals & Sales of Rocky Point

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Here's a story from the Tucson Citizen from May 2nd, 2005.


BBB boots resort broker

Oceano Rentals & Sales of Rocky Point didn't satisfy customers, the bureau says.

Tucson Citizen
Monday, May 2nd, 2005

The Better Business Bureau of Southern Arizona has revoked the membership of a Rocky Point, Son., real estate and property management firm because of "a pattern of unresolved complaints regarding its product quality."

The bureau's board of directors booted Oceano Rentals & Sales from its organization at its March meeting. Tom Collier, president of the bureau, said the expulsion did not become effective until after a 30-day period during which Oceano failed to appeal the action.

Charles Salem Jr., who co-owns Oceano with his father, a former mayor of Litchfield Park, said the bureau treated his firm unfairly by misrepresenting the situation and being heavy-handed. He said Oceano had already resigned from the BBB.

Oceano brokers the rental of vacation properties in the Mexican beach resort town of Puerto Peņasco, also known as Rocky Point.

Collier said four customers complained that properties represented by Oceano often lacked running water and were infested with insects. Collier said the company answered those complaints with "a pattern of unacceptable responses."

"They generally said, 'What do you expect? It's a Third World country,' " Collier said. "They failed to address the underlying cause of the complaints."

Told of Collier's remarks, Salem said, "He's a liar. We tried to talk to the guy, but he was very arrogant about the whole thing. It's either their way or no way."

Salem said complaining customers wanted all their money back even though they stayed at Oceano properties for several days.

"We tried to help the people, and we offered them discounts, but that wasn't good enough," Salem said, adding that BBB "was not a neutral party" and favored complaining customers.

Salem said some U.S. customers are unprepared for problems in Rocky Point.

"Look, I can't make water; it's that simple," he said. "We take water for granted in the United States, but it's not unusual for a water shutdown in Rocky Point to last for 10 hours or longer."

The southern Arizona chapter is one of three BBB chapters that have Mexico as part of their service area. The other chapters are in San Diego and El Paso, Texas.

There are about 1,800 members of the BBB of Southern Arizona. In the past three years, fewer than a dozen businesses in the organization had their membership revoked, Collier said.
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Looks like somebody got popped.

Know what's nice? Paying by credit card. Then you can dispute services rendered.
Post Tue May 10, 2005 9:16 pm 
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