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Topic: summer fishing info
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I fish RP quite a lot in the cooler months out of inflatables, but now I will be trying it in July. I bought a 22 foot starcraft and will head out in search of dorado and whatever else. So, can anyone give me any suggestions such as:
1. Has anyone seen higher catch rates with the jet head squid lures?
2. What are the best lures when trolling for dorado?
3. I rarely encounter flotsam during the cooler months, is there more during the summer months?
4. How does one "make bait", and do you fellas go out to a reef [ 7(?) mile reef?] to make bait?
5. To catch the bait, do you use squid or?
6. Do you keep your bait live in a livewell, or do you throw the bait on ice?
7. Do you fellas head out at first light?
8. Any other suggestions as to different species and how to catch them?

"Thank you Rob!", for giving the advice on the hotel. My Son, Daughters and I will be there on this trip.
Post Fri Jun 09, 2006 10:45 pm 
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