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Topic: To spring breakers

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Last spring my friends and I stayed in a condo at Mirador Beach (between Manny's and Pithaya). At approximately 5:00 a.m., our condo was broken into, money stolen, truck keys stolen, along with the truck. This all happened while we were sleeping. Several people on the beach informed us their condos had also been broken into at approximately the same time. The vendors told me (whom I have known for years) gangs from other states in Mexico are coming up to Puerto Penasco to steal trucks to take contraband across the borders, including drugs. These condos have security. I was told that the security guards are being paid off, including the cleaning people. Several weeks later, I was told that indeed the cleaning service had sold the keys to gang members. Just last week, a friend had his truck stolen at the same condos. Luckily, we found our truck near the border a day later, and we stole it back with an extra set of keys, but our friend is not so lucky.

This honestly is not a hoax. I have been going to Puerto Penasco for 20+ years. I love going there and never had problems until my last visit. Although this was a very frightening experience (thankfully nobody was hurt), I made reservations for the end of this April. Now I am reconsidering since we heard of more break-ins and there are other problems with the drug lords and security in the Country.

Please inform people to be very careful. Make sure money, valuables and car keys are carefully hidden where it cannot be easily found. Make sure vehicles are put out of commission (e.g., take out battery), have some type of alarm system, The Club. When purchasing Mexican auto insurance, make sure you have the complete VIN, make sure you get a complete copy of the insurance policy terms and conditions (including Spanish version). Keep your vehicle registration in a safe place, do not keep it in your glove compartment. Call Mexican police to have a report prepared. You will need this for your insurance. Call your insurance company. Be aware that insurance companies are closed on weekends.

Spring break is coming, and I want to make sure people are informed and to take all precautions to having a safe vacation.
Post Thu Feb 03, 2005 5:16 pm 
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