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Where or how far do you have to go to catch some big fish?I have chartered many trips and always fish within sight of the shoreline.We always catch 100 or so triggerfish and rockbass,and it is really fun,dont get me wrong,but I want to get something a little bigger.
I have my own boat and would like some GPS waypoints and other info if you could please. Thanks in advance Scott
Post Fri May 19, 2006 10:02 am 
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R. Barnes

Hey Scott, I'm in the same boat you are. Most people are reluctant to give waypoints out. I've been fishing Rocky Point for years. I was once given some false waypoints for 51-mile reef, which resulted in a long boat ride for little return. I've been given a few waypoints by people in confidence, and I will not violate their trust. Reefs and structure are the things you want to look for. Keep an eye on your depthfinder. Whenever I get into good fishing, I take the waypoints and sometimes write them on a photocopy of a nav map I have. I'm way too jealous of them to joepardize them on the internet.
I recently saw a little pamphlet someone had that was supposedly and probably out of publication. It had a plethora of waypoints, I'd love to at least try. The guy wouldn't even loan or sell it though. If you can find that, it might be worth trying.
I know how it is. Since it's been published and is fair game, if I find that book, I'll try to contact you somehow, and even shoot some coordinates to you with absolutely no guarantee as to whether they're valid. I'm gonna try 'em if I find them though. Uncertainty is part of the fun of fishing. I wish you the best of luck. Robert
Post Sun May 28, 2006 11:06 pm 
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Nobody here is going to give up their secrets. The really big fish got caught a long time ago.

Best bet (cheapest) is to just go down to the fish market here & buy it fresh and cook it yourself.

Even better than that is to save all the hassle and buy your fish right back at home. Why travel the hundreds of miles, cross borders, rent hotels,just to go to an area that got fished out years ago?
Post Sat Apr 26, 2008 1:13 am 
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