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Topic: Fishing Report week of 4/20/08
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First, many thanks to this forum and especially to R Barnes off-line for last minute preparation and advice for fishing in Rocky Point. I went down to the docks Sunday afternoon 4/20 to talk to captains and examine boats and equipment (per the advice I received) and decided on a private 26 foot Trophy boat "El Jeffe 101" owned and operated by Pepe, partially because of the cleanliness of the boat and gear but also because of the owner/captain's willingness to be flexible on price and departure time (especially as I was going alone). His high energy and perfect english were also very helpful.

We spent Monday about 12-15 miles out, caught plenty of White Rock Bass and one Estranjero Bass but more exciting were the 4 "big ones" that got away. The first large fish was on my personal rod with 20lb line which gave way after I tightened the drag a little too much after a 20 minute fight during which I made NO progress with the fish. After that I quickly switched to the captain's 30 and 45lb test gear but we still couldn't land the big fish... one of which broke the line after another good fight, the other two which pulled off.

Wednesday I went back out with the same captain for a number of reasons... one, because he put me on big fish 12-15 miles out and, while I understand there may be much larger fish further out, I wanted to conquer these first! Also, because he is also a fisherman and as it was just the two of us on the boat, we fished side-by-side the entire time and had a very enjoyable day... and I knew that we both wanted to figure out how to land the larger fish we had a chance at. Wednesday morning I was once again very impressed with Pepe who had done his research and come back with different setups that would hopefully give us the advantage we needed.

The fishing started off quick with the first fish taking line before pulling off... but that was it for most of the day. Due to the larger setups we were using most of the White Rock Bass we caught were larger fish and the smaller fish managed to clean the bait off our hooks more than once but, overall it was a slower day of fishing than Monday. Finally, about an hour after our "scheduled" return time (another advantage of fishing with a owner/operator fisherman), I set the hook on what felt like a typical bite, but then the drag started singing!!! Fish on and it was running hard!

After a fantastic fight, I landed a beautiful White Sea Bass in the 50lb range!!! What a beautiful fish and what a great feeling of success after two full days of chasing the "big one"!

Again, many thanks to the forum and R Barnes for the last-minute advice and information to make the fishing a success!

And congratulations on a fantastic web-site with easy to access information and very helpful links.
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