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Topic: Are the home rental prices in peso or dollars

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Since the symbol is the same, I would appreciate an answer. I tried phoning, but apparently it is impossible to talk to a real person.

Thanks in advance.
Post Mon Jan 05, 2009 9:08 am 
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The selling price is US dollars unless your seller tells you differently
Post Sun Jan 18, 2009 9:47 am 
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Well, very simple, if you have a rental price of $99 you can safelly think it is dollars since the exchange is at 12 to 14 pesos per dollar, the only time I saw rentals going for $8.25 dollars (99 divided by 12 = 8.25) was in a burdelo and I believe you would not like to take your family in a vacation and stay in one Very Happy
Post Sun Jan 25, 2009 8:13 am 
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