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Topic: Stolen Trailer
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In '94 my Father towed a 50 foot aluminum Spartan trailer, I think early 60's, and parked it on our lot in town, just south of the baseball stadium, on Avenida Guerrero. He passed away in '96. My sister and I weren't able to get to the property on a regular basis after that, so a couple of years ago she visited the lot and found that someone had stolen the trailer. Sadly, my father's ashes were in the trailer as well. She figures that whoever stole it probably tossed our Father's ashes in the trash. We did find the title to the trailer in our Father's papers. I have since moved to California, she lives in Tucson. She plans on visiting on December to pay the property taxes. I've tried to encourage her to try and report it stolen, but she says that it has been so long that we would have lost ownership as it's been in someone elses possesion for a period of years. Is this true? I believe our stolen property is still ours, as long as we still have title to it. What can be done? If it is found to be still in Puerto Penasco, could we retake possesion of it? I'm hoping whover stole it didn't toss the ashes. Anyone have had a similar experience? Does anyone have any suggestions? Incidentally, we've owned and visited the property since 1968. I am amazed at the explosion of growth!
Thanks in advance,
Post Sun Nov 19, 2006 3:05 pm 
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Stolen property is always stolen property!

But, if there is anything left of it (by now it could be completely trashed) or if you could get the Mexican police or courts to take it back for you is entirely a different matter. By now it's repainted & looks nothing like you remembered it. Was it insured? The lesson: Never leave anything in a foreign country that you are not willing to lose. (Truly sorry about your Dad's remains)
Post Tue Apr 22, 2008 4:05 pm 
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