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Topic: new development near Rocky Point
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San Felipe Lover

Iím a San Diego County guy whoís done well investing in San Felipe. Even though Rocky Point prices are a little flat right now, I know that real estate goes in cycles but in the long term it always goes higher. I know that Arizona is still the fastest growing state in the USA and that they donít have a beach. I know that thereís a ton of money and retiring baby boomers in my state of California. I know that compared to Baja in general, Rocky Point is dirt cheap. And I know that the new coast road is now half completed north to Mexicali, and when it is finally open, many Californians will begin coming to Rocky Point.

For these reasons, Iíve been looking at Rocky Point for its strong long term potential. Then I discovered a project named Liberty Cove a little further down. Even though itís 85 miles south, itís still well within driving distance, especially when you consider what they are building there. By the way, the sector of the Costera Highway from El Desemboque to Puerto Libertad, home to Liberty Cove, has been surveyed and is starting two road construction crews on June 15th, starting from each town and working towards each other.

Iíve done some due diligence, and this Liberty Cove group is substantial, professional and well funded. Their property is big: 15 miles of coastline, and its dramatically more beautiful than Rocky Point. Theyíre building an American infrastructure master planned community quality from the ground up. They have a big water table plus they are doing desalinization from the beginning. Itís going to be far superior than some of Rocky Point projects that look pretty but sit close to a slum and are a kind of shaky in construction quality.

I got information last week that they are going to contract with a USA firm to provide state-of-the-art telecommunications, including home security systems that can be monitored from the USA, and high speed wireless internet throughout, including the beach. Theyíre working with another USA group that will be building a new $10 million American medical center that will even accept Blue Cross and Medicare insurance. They will also have a medevac helicopter to fly to Tucson hospitals.

They have some kind of an early investors program that gives some steep discounts on lots and condos. Iím looking into that next week. And they just started accepting ďplace in timeĒ priority reservations for those who want to get on their waiting list for first choice of the condominiums and lots, which will probably be available late this year. Their phase one is impressive - http://www.libertycove.com/phaseone.asp I still like San Felipe, but this Liberty Cove is going to be the 800 pound gorilla in the Sea of Cortez! -San Felipe Lover
Post Sat May 05, 2007 5:44 pm 
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