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Topic: Posted on behalf of a reader
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M writes:

I have a question that has yet to be answered even by Mexican Officials. My wife and I travel to Puerto Penasco every year and yes I pull an Airstream trailer. We have always followed the rules as we have pets and they go where we go. Never a problem until last year. I have an extended range external fuel tank as my truck is diesel and Puerto Penasco isn't the only place we travel to we had it made to be able to travel and not stop so frequently for fuel.

This particular day we got the red light and pulled over for the routine inspection when the topic od the half full fuel tank began and how they were going to confiscate both truck and trailer. At this time the Do' and Don't 's of what I could and could not bring into Mexico was thrown into my face and the Officials there began coming out of the woodwork and took turns sceaming at both me and my wife. The reason I was going to have my truck confiscated was because it was illegal to have extra fuel and because(get this) I would not be supporting the Mexican economy by not purchasing fuel in Mexico.

I always fill up in Sonayito with 100gal. of diesel. My wife and I both speak spanish and have made many many friends in Puerto Penasco and always stay at the Playa Elegante RV Park. In all the information thrown at us and Ido mean thrown not handed nothing mentioned extra fuel except for that in plastic gallon containers. My tank is connected to the main tank and has its own fill port. The officials there at GRINGO PASS say its illegal. I have asked all Mexican officials in El Paso, Juarez and Mexico city and no one can say that what I did was in any way illegal. One Mexican Consulate official in Juarez said that the officials maybe had let an illegal load thru and had just received a good chewing out. So after an hour of us being screamed at they let us pass "THIS TIME" but I would have to take the tank out of my truck and leave it there when we returned home or face "PRISON"

Now many officils at this crossing know us and have been very good to us and even had Breakfast with us in Sonoyita but this bunch was besides themselves and the locals were furious when we arrived and told of our misfortune getting to Rocky Point. All staed the same thing that there was no reason for what they did to us. We have not gone back since and won't until we get an answer which no one can give us.

Anybody else have some input on this one?

I have M's email, and can pass on any input for reply.
Post Mon Feb 26, 2007 12:11 pm 
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Finaly someone with a drama story, Im still surprised that not many people tell their drama story from rocky point here. Am local from Rocky Point and I can tell you that is common for checkpoint police to harrass you like that, it is done to extract money from you. There is nothing illigal about your extra fuel tank, they just wanted money from you thats all. It is common low class police force in mexico and it is hurting mexico's economy. Am glad that you will not go there any time soon.
Post Wed Mar 21, 2007 8:15 pm 
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Whenever you feel you have been mistreated at the Mexican border by officials report the incident to the closest US Embassy & the closest Mexican Consulate office as soon as you return home.
Post Tue Apr 22, 2008 4:29 pm 
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