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Topic: looking for a room
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I am looking for either motels, hotels, or condos that are still available in Rocky Point this weekend, March 18th and 19th. Any ideas where I can find one. I have looked and come up empty.

Also I looked at the map but where does the party scene on the beach predominantly take place?

Would love some help.
Post Sun Mar 13, 2005 10:38 pm 
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There are quite a few smaller hotels, motels and some condos that are owned by locals and not big corporations, so they don't have all the advertising. If you send me an email, either from here or if you go to my website and send one, I will send you some phone numbers of some of the smaller local places.

Did you try Cyndi's Beachhouse Rentals, Oceano's and SeaSide Rentals? There's FMI Reality and/or Twin Dolphins Reality.

You asked, where the parties will be on the beach. During the day, you can bet it will be at the REEF BAR on Sandy Beach......JJ's CANTINA in Cholla Bay.........MANNY'S BEACH CLUB or THE PIT in the Tourist Zone (or as us locals call it the Mirador or Playa Mirador).

For the party at night, without a doubt, hands down it's going to be the TOURIST ZONE, from the BAJA Cantina, down the street to Manny's, then it's the Pink Cadillac, Don Julio's and Rocky Gardens. From there on to the beach and THE PIT and around the corner and up the road there's RANAS RANAS and BUMAJE. I forgot there's ROUND d' CORNER and a couple of new bars in between. Don't try to drive in this area at night, you'd be insane! It's curb to curb people and Taco Carts

If you want to go to the Gentlemens Clubs (Table Dance Bars) WOOO! WHOO! There's a lot going on across town at Calle 13 or 13th Street.

When you're going to be making the rounds at night, your best bet is to use a taxi. It will cost you more than you would usually pay, but if you travel in groups, you can bargin with the driver for the carload price, not a per person price. (the trick is to act sober enough to make the taxi drivers think that you can walk to the next bar if you have to)


We Love all of you Spring Break Party Animals! Spring Breakers you should be aware that a lot of people here depend on your yearly escape from academic anxiety. All of you are perhaps one of the biggest contributing assets to our growing economy in Rocky Point. So please do a big favor for all of us that live, work and provide entertainment for you.....

Be responsible, Think before you Drink, Party Hard, but Party Smart, no party is worth the ride to Jail or the Hospital, and we want you to come back next year.
Post Mon Mar 14, 2005 2:55 am 
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I am planning a trip to Puerto Penasco in early August. My husband and I don't plan on spending all that much time in our hotel room so we are not in need of extra immenities. We would prefer a nice, clean hotel, but nothing fancy and hope that this will save us some money too. Can you give me some information about some of the smaller, locally owned hotels.
Post Mon Mar 28, 2005 9:23 am 
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You've seen:


Post Mon Mar 28, 2005 10:13 am 
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Yes, I've seen that site and that's how I linked to this message board. Problem is the site lists the hotels available, and I can pick out the ones that are not your commercialized large hotels, but the smaller ones locally owned don't have a link to a website of their own so I don't get an detailed information or rates. I was hopeing to hear from someone who could recommend one to me and give me a little bit of detail before I called the hotel to get a rate.
Post Mon Mar 28, 2005 11:16 am 
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