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Rocky Point ATV Rules

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Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco): Quads / ATVs

ATV’s, Quads, Side by Sides and Sand Rails in Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point)

Rocky Point is located in an arid desert environment.  This means there is a lot of sand.  And this makes for some excellent off-road riding.  Riding any vehicle on the beach is no longer legal in and around Rocky Point (included Sandy Beach and Las Conchas).  The military police typically patrol the beaches which are all considered public property and will on occasion confiscate any vehicle abusing the beaches.

There still is plenty of quad riding behind the beaches at Las Conchas, Sandy Beach, Cholla Bay, Playa Encanto, etc.  Most resorts will allow you to park your off-road vehicles and trailers on the property and you can ride your quads to nearby vacant areas with plenty of sand to enjoy.

It is still quite common to ride quads, side by side and sand rails on the roads and through the town regardless of if they are street legal.  It seems the local police tolerate this provided you obey the traffic laws.

One of the most popular places to ride is known as Competition Hill.  The hill is located adjacent to Cholla Bay.  Basically it is a 30° sloped, 300 foot long sandy hill.   All types of vehicles can be seen sprinting (WFO) up the hill day and night.

There are literally hundreds of rental shacks set up everywhere in and around Rocky Point that will rent you quads and side-by-sides by the hour.  Prices range from $15 to $50 depending on the vehicles.  Bartering is to be expected.  You will need your drivers license and will be required sign a one page rental agreement.

A few rules to follow and be aware of:


Please follow these rules when riding ATV’s in Rocky Point.

– Helmets recommended
– Only 2 persons per ATV
– No riding after dark
– Driver’s must be 16 yrs. of age
– Do not race, jump, do wheelies, etc.
– Do not drink and drive

Please do not ride in the following areas:

– Main Blvd. Benito Jaurez
– Blvd. Fremont or in the Old Port

You may be fined if riding in these areas. Fines are to be paid only at the police station. You do not want to end up at the police station but in case you need it for whatever reason, here some info.

Puerto Penasco now has two police sites, staffed with bilingual officers, dedicated to helping tourist. There is one Police Assistance station located at the Municipal Building on the corner of Fremont and Benito Juarez. There another Police Assistance station located on the back road to Playa Bonita near the paved beach access. If you need help with ANY police matter, please stop by either location. NEVER pay a police officer on the street for any information.